How to Overcome Shyness

by | Oct 27, 2020 | Community

Shyness is a huge hindrance to your fly-ness. At work, shy people cannot take the central stage for public speaking or even contribute to meetings despite having a valuable opinion. This feeling may result in social anxiety causing shy people not to exhibit their full potential or enjoy themselves, whether with friends or strangers, depending on the severity of the emotion.

Not to worry, lots of shy people have snatched back their confidence by merely following a few lines of actions.

So here’s how to overcome your shyness asap:

1. Deduce the Reason for Your Shyness

Why do you feel shy? Understand the reasons for this disturbing emotion. Then work to change your state of mind and perspective about the circumstances.

Moreover, shyness may be a symptom of a bigger problem, such as weak self-image, extremely sensitive temperament, self-consciousness and the fear of rejection or even irrational thinking. Identifying the root will help you tackle the problem more effectively. 

2. Make a List of Your Triggers

Do you know what triggers your shyness? Order them so that the ones that cause you the least social stress are first while the opposite is the last on the list. The more specific you are, the easier it will be to spot and handle the situation correctly.

3. Conquer the List

Once you have a list of stressful situations, start addressing them one after the other. First, tackle the “easiest” problems to help build your confidence so you can continue to conquer more difficult situations on your list. Moreover, attempt to push yourself to overcome each situation and don’t give up on it.

4. Pay Attention to Others

Self-consciousness also leads to social anxiety. Instead of focusing on yourself, simply concentrate on others and your environment instead. This measure will help you to stop worrying about how you’re doing.

Endeavor to be compassionate. When we feel compassionate, sympathetic, or even empathetic, we stop worrying about ourselves and begin to devote ourselves to understanding others.

5. Visualize Success

Close your eyes and imagine a situation where you’re confident. Do this often and for different situations. You may take this step, especially in the morning. It may feel silly, but athletes use visualization to develop their skills, so why not you?Shyness isn’t such a bad thing only if it doesn’t metamorphose into a social anxiety disorder. However, if you can’t conquer shyness on your own, please seek the help of family, friends, or a professional so that you can be yourself and have a more good time.

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