About Us

The Maven Circle is a platform for a hybrid of topics. You’ll find many valuable tips for life – say tips for healthy living – and to accomplish your goals. Our how-to topics would also help with conquering any challenge, including “how to overcome shyness.”

As a way to knit a strong relationship with my dear readers, I’ll be sharing lots of my personal stories here. Amongst the focus of this blog are the various exercises and therapeutic activities that point to healthy living.

The Maven Circle was built to satisfy all the curiosities of our ardent readers; that way, they don’t have to scroll through countless articles online to find accurate information.

So join our community of readers to enjoy a vast array of resources.


What’s a maven exactly?

Well, a maven is an expert in a particular field, who seeks to pass knowledge on to others. The word maven comes from Hebrew and means one who understands.

At The Maven Circle, we believe that we’re all experts in the domain of our own experience and we all understand better than anyone else what it’s like struggling our way through life.

At The Maven Circle, our mission is to provide a wide variety of resources  – tips, how-to’s, personal stories as well as different exercises and therapeutic activities.
It’s about creating a community where people who are struggling emotionally are embraced and not stigmatized, a place where you can have a sense of belonging and identity, something that is essential to your happiness, health and well-being.

Our team consists of experts with years of experience in the field of mental health and we strive to maintain a truthful and unbiased collection of knowledge.


I decided to share lots of my personal stories because I believe people need to feel that they’re not alone in anything; thus, they can draw lots of inspiration from my activities or encounters. Moreover, I could excite you with many of it. That means this column will be your daily entertainment.

We’ve designed The Maven Circle to benefit those who want to:

– Better manage and cope with anxiety

– Strengthen their confidence and self-esteem

– Develop better habits for mental and physical health

– Become more mindful, present, and peaceful in their lives

– Embrace their unique traits, particularly for empaths and introverts

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